ROK Stars sign exclusive distribution agreement with Wunderbar LLP for ABK Bavarian Beer covering Singapore and Malaysia

ROK Stars, the consumer products and environmental technologies development company, has announced its ROKiT Drinks division has signed an exclusive agreement with Singapore-based Wunderbar LLP, for the distribution of ABK Beer across Singapore and Malaysia.

The agreement will begin with immediate effect and follows the recent announcement by ROK of a similar exclusive distribution deal with Denver-based C2 Imports for ABK Beer covering the United States.

ROK Stars acquired the majority interest in the historic 700 year old Aktien Brauerei in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria in May 2013 and has since re-designed and re-packaged a range of its beers for international export.

Commenting, Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman of ROK Stars said “We are particularly delighted to be working on an exclusive basis with Emily Yeo and her team at Wunderbar to market and distribute ABK Beer in Singapore and Malaysia because not only does this agreement cover our range of bottled beers, it also includes our revolutionary new ‘Beer-in-Box’ products. Given the ever-increasing interest in – and consumption of – both craft and heritage beers in Asia, this agreement is key to our global deployment plans for our bottled and boxed beers which, for the first time since the brewery was founded in 1308, are now available for global distribution.”

Emily Yeo, Director of Wunderbar added “We at Wunderbar are very excited to have secured the exclusive rights to the historic ABK Bavarian Beers and we look forward very much to a long and successful deployment programme which will see both the bottled beers and our new ‘Wunderbar Mobile Beer Station’ develop a large and enthusiastic following amongst beer fans across the region. We chose ABK Beers because they are truly superb beers and they have an astonishing 700 year old history.”

With a fast-expanding portfolio of beverages, ROKiT Drinks was co-founded by John Paul DeJoria, known as ‘America’s favourite entrepreneur,’ and British entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick. John Paul DeJoria is best known as the co-founder of Paul Mitchell, the largest privately held hair care business in North America, as well as being co-founder of Patron tequila, the world’s Number 1 premium tequila brand.

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