Beer Hawks subscription Club – BeerBods vote ABK Dunkel Beer of the Year 2020!

Founded in 2012, BeerBods is the UK’s first beer club and subscription service. Subscribers get 8 beers in the post every 8 weeks. All  the subscribers drink the same beer (just one) every week. Subscribers are emailed every Thursday with the story behind that week’s beer, and host live tastings of each beer every Thursday at 9pm on Youtube and across social media at the BeerBods Inn.

Catch the video of the ABK Dunkel review here

At the end of every calendar year, subscribers are invited to vote for their top three beers featured in Beerbods cases from the past 12 months. 2020 saw the most votes BeerBods have ever received for their beer of the year competition, with over 5000 subscribers casting a vote. ABK – Dunkel took the top prize this year, with just under 30% of subscribers placing Dunkel as their number 1 beer for 2020, recording a landslide victory.

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