BeerAdvocate Magazine

BeerAdvocate (BA) is a global, grassroots network, powered by an independent community of beer enthusiasts and industry professionals who are dedicated to supporting and promoting beer.

Based in Boston, BA was founded in 1996 by the Alström Brothers, Jason & Todd, who provide the site ( as a free resource to …

  • Wake the masses to better beer options.
  • Give beer consumers a voice.
  • Empower them to learn, share, and advocate.
  • Rally to support the beer industry.
  • Put the Respect back into Beer.

BA remains solely owned and operated by the Bros, who in addition to providing this online resource publish BeerAdvocate magazine (the only monthly beer magazine of its kind), and organize several Beer Fests and events throughout the year.

Site users hail from all over the world, making BA one of the most diverse and largest beer communities on planet Earth.

  • Monthly pageviews: 45+ million
  • Monthly unique visitors: 3+ million
  • Hundreds of new members per day.

Launched in December 2006, BA mag is the only monthly magazine of its kind.

  • Page count: 64 + cover
  • Monthly circulation: 65,000+ copies
  • Estimated monthly readership: 150,000+
  • Complimentary stacks sent to top beer establishments in the US.
  • Every brewery in the US receives a complimentary copy